Should Journalists Learn How to Use Code? Yes!

binary code backgroundJournalism is a broad career that requires a number of different skills.  Many people think that journalists only write a story and either publish it in a newspaper or broadcast it on air.  However, as technology is advancing, journalists must know how to adapt to these technological changes.  An example of an important technological skill is learning computer code.

            The definition of computer code, according to WordNet is the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions.  There are a number of different reasons why journalists should learn how to code.  First of all, having an idea of what code is and how to construct it opens up a new world of more job opportunities.  If journalism students know how to construct code, then they will be able to apply for many different jobs and not be restricted to certain types of jobs.  It would also look favorable to an employer of the resume said that the journalist has a background in many different aspects of journalism, including code.

Another reason would be that digital programs are increasingly defining the world we live in.  This concept is explained further in this article from CNN.  Nearly every household has access to a computer, and smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular.  Many journalists have a better chance of becoming successful by putting their news packages and stories on a website.  Therefore, journalists should learn code so that they can construct their own websites where they can post their own works.  As a result, their work becomes more accessible to users, which leads to success for the journalist.

Finally, as mentioned in this blog post by digital transformation editor Steve Buttry, journalists must plan and prepare for the future.  Technology is constantly changing and evolving.  Pretty soon, it is likely that the Internet and smartphone apps will be the primary sources of media in the future.  Journalists must be prepared for that in order to be successful in the future.


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